Two pink flamingo paper clips are in an orange and white background
Three gold catcus-shaped paper clips are placing on a dark green leather notebook cover, in a white background
Five gold planet-shaped paper clips are in a pink background, A colorful meteor is drawn on the upper left
Two pink sakura-shaped paper clips are clamping on a pink green floral notebook cover, another one is placing on the right white background
a gold planet clip clamping on a dotted notebook at very bottom, in a white marble-like background
three clips clamping on a dotted notebook page, from the top to bottom, cactus-shaped, pink sakura-shaped and a gold planet-shaped, in a white marble background.
Five pink sakura-shaped paper clips on a light marron background, with a sketch of two roses in the background.
Pinky Elephant

Unique Paper Clips -Sakura/Planet/Flamingo/Cactus shaped paper clips, 8pcs/case

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Unique paper clips can make life more organized and make journaling a more interesting thing. We now proudly introduce our first paper clips collections, including pink sakura shaped, gold planet shaped, pink flamingo and gold cactus shaped paper clips. Each case includes one single design's 8 paper clips.

Quantity: 1 Case

Quantity: 8 pieces/case 

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