About Us | Pinky Elephant

Pinky Elephant is your one-stop destination for washi tapes, stationery, craft supplies, small-batch Japanese paper crafts and unique Japanese incense.

We are an online-only shop that based in Los Angeles, California. We chose to open our shop during the pandemic because we firmly believe that pretty little things in life can heal the souls. We started as an Etsy Shop Pinky Elephant Craft in 2020 and now we are expanded and have our own online shop.

We've brought our curated selection of beautiful Japanese handcrafts, Asian kawaii stationery, washi tapes and unique scents. Different from what you will find at Amazon or Michael's, our selections are carefully curated by our experienced buyers and our golden standards are: when creative spirits meets exceptional craftsmanship.

Pinky Elephant is all about inspirations and love. We believe everyone should have access to high-quality stationery and make handcrafts that enlighten themselves and others. 

Let's build dreams together.

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