two midori grain leather notepad stacked in a background of maps and notebooks
portrait view of two midori grain notepads side by sides, showing two different inner pages: lined and blank
a side view of midori grain leather memopad
four midori grain memopads in dark brown and black scattered in a white background
a closer view of the engraved logo of grain on Midori Grain Leather memopad's cover
a Midori grain leather memopad in dark brown, placing on a balcony in Barcelona. Gaudí-styled buildings are in the background

Midori Grain Leather Notepad, ruled and blank, Dark Brown

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Quantity: One memo pad

Size: H140 x W76 x D12mm (apprx. H5.51" X W2.99" X D0.47" )

Inner paper: White 5mm Ruled Lines 50 pages + Cream Blank 50 pages [MD PAPER] 

This pocket-size note pad is an elegant combination with Spanish recycled leather cover and MD paper. The cover of the notepad is made from wear-resistant recycled leather to ensure that it doesn’t damage easily through regular use. The cow leather used here has a rich color and is warm to the touch.

This original paper made by MD PAPER PRODUCTS is designed to prevent ink from running or bleeding, as well as be comfortable to write on.

The ruled line paper is the same format as the long-selling diamond memo notepaper, which has been available for more than 50 years. Each page is divided into 4 with thick lines, making this notepaper perfect for daily schedules, to-do lists, or records of personal hobbies. The plain paper is ideal for illustrations or idea sketches. 

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