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Jieyanow Atelier

Jieyanow Atelier Rubber Stamp - Bon Voyage Collection

Jieyanow Atelier Rubber Stamp - Bon Voyage Collection

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Designer: Jieyanow Atelier

Quantity: 1 piece, choosing from 16 designs


01 Bon Voyage - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

02 Aesthetic Words - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

03 A Coupler le Souffle (Breathtaking) - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

04 Aesthetic Words - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

05 Aesthetic Words - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

06 L'adventure Nous Appelle (Adventure is Calling Us) - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

07 Aesthetic Words - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

08 Le Plus Beau Voyage (Beautiful Trip) - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

09 Pays de Merveilles (Wonderland) - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

10 Les Voyages Extraordinaires (Extraordinary Journey) - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

11 Via Air Mail - 3.0cm x 4.0cm

12 Compass - 3.0cm x 4.0cm

13 Postmark - 4.0cm x 1.6cm

14 Postbox - 3.0cm x 4.0cm

15 Anchor - 3.0cm x 4.0cm

16 Ocean Chart - 3.0cm x 4.0cm

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