PE Interview Series Vol.1 - Talk with Sarah

PE Interview Series Vol.1 - Talk with Sarah

[Editor's note: Sarah is our first employee at Pinky Elephant. Before she and her family moving to Seattle, we have conducted a stationery interview to talk about what stationery she loves and uses daily. 

You may also have received Sarah's handwritten notes with our cute packaging, and seen her beautiful collage in our Instagram feed. Please join us to know Pinky Elephant in her eyes, and together wish her good luck in her future endeavors. 

It's also the first one in our Interview Series. Hope you will enjoy my talk with Sarah.   -RJ]

Q1.What’s your favorite stationery?

Sarah: PET tapes of course! Opening a roll brings me so much joy!

(RJ: I thought PET tape won’t be your no.1 choice!, then who is your favorite artist for PET tapes?)

Sarah: Loidesign – I love her designs, and it’s something about PET tape as a medium, so vivid and crisp to present her designs. The medium works well for her and never goes wrong. 

Q2. What’s your favorite stationery item at Pinky Elephant?

Sarah: Ahh, so many..

First, Traveler’s notebook, I am using 2024 Diary Monthly and Weekly layouts in my Regular-sized Olive.

Although compared to OURS, which I used last year, it looks so small. Originally I thought would be too cramped, but it’s actually portable and just enough space. It worked out this year! 

Second, Pottering Cat! The brand has really cute designs, and the designer did really good job about illustrating all kinds of cute cats.

Favorite item: The UFO tote which Sarah just bought!

Pottering Cat UFO Tote

Third, Eric Small Things.

My recent favorite from the designer it’s her Matchbox stamp set. Love the retro feeling of the packaging, and the size is also very portable. And it’s not only about cute designs, also very functional.

Q3. In your opinion, which designer’s PET Tape is popular at Pinky Elephant?

Sarah: A lot of seasonal fluctuation but you can always count on La Dolce Vita

(RJ - but I thought you are an OURS person!)

SarahI love OURS studio's design but I think some of their designers’ design transfer better with some certain mediums, like in their stamp-size sticker form.

And of course, we love Loidesign’s Glossy PET tape!

Q4. Could you please tell us something new you fell in love while working at Pinky Elephant?

Sarah: Transfer stickers – they are so seamless. Don't get me wrong, I still love traditional stickers, like Suatelier stickers, they are just very easy to use. But transfer stickers are so special. My favorite brand of transfer stickers? Of course MU lifestyle, so many varieties and designs to choose from.

Q5. How will you describe your journaling style?

Sarah: Maximum for sure, and cute.

Sarah's valentine collage

Q6. What product you don’t like as working at Pinky Elephant as fulfillment staff?

SarahBande’s new packaging! The three-dimension bulky plastic packaging is impossible to decorate beautifully while safely keeping them in a mailer.

Q7. Describe your most recent purchase at Pinky Elephant?

SarahIt’s a Classiky Tool Box and it’s also an impulsive purchase because of the moving. I also can’t wait to open and set it up when we settle down and unpacking!

(RJ's note:The newest one is the newly restocked Pottering Cat UFO Tote. We didn’t expect Sarah made another last-minute employee purchase haha)

Q8. What’s your favorite purchase at Pinky Elephant?

SarahHmm, there are a lot!

Uni-ball One P Pen in Papaya color. It’s a gift for my friend and we both love the color and the chubby shape of the pen. She loves how smooth it writes too!

Yohand Index Tab Stickers – such a helper during last year because I had the OURS planner, which is a bigger planner without the index ribbon.

Q9. In your mind, what is underrated in Pinky Elephant?


  • Eric x Sanby Ink Pad in Black! An intense ink and easy to use black ink. This one is not like the other black. (RJ: Sadly it seems to be discontinued.)
  • Zebra Sarasa Pen set – consistent writer, smooth, butter on glass and the colors are also a little fun but always stays professional.
  • Lady F’s rubber stamp collection – illustration is so gorgeous and makes for excellent stamps. Very distinctive and you’ll know it’s her design by just seeing the looks without even knowing Lady F.

Q10. Favorite TN inserts?

Sarah: No. 31 Sticker Release Paper – I used it so much!

It’s perfect for storing PET tape samples, stickers, and easy to peel off. And also you can see how the sticker will show on white paper too.

Q11. Favorite task as a Pinky Elephant Employee?

Decorating the packaging and paper pouches! I love making the little pouches pretty and especially when our customers posted and tagged us on Instagram, so satisfying! I also love making the candy rolls for the washi tapes!

Pinky Elephant paper pouch

Thank you so much Sarah! We will miss you! 

You can find Sarah on Instagram as @sarah.cahiers

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