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TRAVELER'S Notebook - Customized Sticker Set, 2023 Limited Edition

TRAVELER'S Notebook - Customized Sticker Set, 2023 Limited Edition

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Quantity:  1 set of 2023 limited edition 6 stickers, made of PET and paper;

Including: Customize sticker, Dry transfer, Index sticker, Schedule sticker, Clear round sticker, and Film pocket sticker. One sheet for each, 6 intotal.

Size: H210 x W110 x D1 mm (Package)

This is a sticker set for customizing TRAVELER’S notebook that makes it more fun, including index and pocket stickers, icon stickers to represent different plans, dry transfer, and stickers to decorate the cover.

The 2023 version features a design with a theme of “TRAVELER’S CAFE”. You can customize the cover of 2023 dairy with stickers are designed as TRAVELER’S CAFE tools or coffee cans. A cup of coffee and notebooks bring you peace of mind. We hope you will enjoy it!

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