Four colors of Plus id guard stamps in a pink background, with the blue one placing before the other three and in actual use, stamping out two strokes of garbled text.
Various four colors of plus id guard stamps, from left to right, pink, green, yellow and blue

PLUS Identity Protection Roller Stamp, ID guard self-ink stamp, multiple colors available

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Quantity: 1 Roller Stamp
Item number: IS-520CM (refill ink spec: PLUS IS-004CM)
Stamp width: 15mm
Its own Ink can last approximately 30 meters (around 98-100ft), around 1000 times uses.

This stamp is my life saver! As a shopaholic I do receive packages a lot and need to discard the boxes every day. I feel quite socially naked when discard plenty of boxes with all my information exposed in public. I tried multiple methods to cover them: using markers, knifes as well as scissors. When I discover the ID guard stamps, it did change my life. Easy alternative to a shredder.

It's an identity protection self-inking roller stamp, which can cover the shipping label or any other paper material with gabled text. Its black ink can cover your privacy really well. Indeed it is called ID guard.

Text length can be easily adjusted since it's a roller-type stamp.

Its unique text pattern obscures printed text of addresses or any length. The stamp uses special formulated, oil-based ink with self-ink cartridges.

Please noted on glossy paper or paper with coating, the final result may varies due to the coating might not absorb the ink.

It helps to keep others from seeing your private and confidential information. Works best for text fonts between 8pts-14pts.


1. Put fingers on the anti-slip part on the protective cap, take off the cap.

2. Roll over the text you want to cover, apply evenly for best results.

3. It uses self-ink cartridge, no need to ink every time, easy and convenient. 

4. Protect your private information. Suggest discard the paper after using this product.

Disclaimer: The product can be used to obscure the text but the company is not responsible for any losses due to information leak.

Caution: In places where air pressure changes such as in airplane cabin, the changing air pressures may cause the ink leak. Keep away from kids especially under 3 years old. Not for eat. 

Don't throw it from high places. It may cause its shape deformation. 

Don't eat the ink, wash immediately if the ink gets on the hand. Don't touch eyes or mouth if you have ink on the hand. If so, immediately see a doctor. 

Keep away from fire or high temperature places.


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