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Pion Mini Handwriting Sentences Stamp, 3 designs

Pion Mini Handwriting Sentences Stamp, 3 designs

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Quantity: 1 mini handwriting sentence rubber stamp from 3 designs, all in Chinese characters;

Size: Each stamp measured  4.2 x 1cm / H2.1cm;

Material: Made of compressed wood

We modified the translation a bit to better fit the context. Also, each design has a different phrases on the side: 

In Photo 1, from top to down:

Stamp 1->致始終如一的我們
Translation: To us, who never change;

Side phrase: 我們。

Meaning: us;

Stamp 2->今天也好好生活了呢
Translation: I live well today:)

Side phrase: 好好吃飯,好好呼吸,好好睡覺,好好感受 生活。

Meaning: Eat well, breath well, sleep well, feel life well.

Stamp 3->感謝努力不懈的自己
Translation: Thank myself for never giving up;

Side phrase: 感謝天感謝地,也別忘了感謝那個很努力的自己。

Meaning: Thank god or thank destiny, don't forget to thank yourself that always trying the best.


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