Pavilio Botanical White Lace Tape product portrait in a white lace and green plants background
Pavilio White Lace Tape Botanical Foret in two sizes product photo, and using in a wedding welcome wood board.
Pavilio Botanical White Lace Washi Tape in two sizes, small and large, product photo

Pavilio Botanical Lace Tape, White Lace Washi Tape, Floret, 47mm

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Quantity: 1 Case
Size: 47mm * 5m
*We currently only offer the smaller size of the Botanical Floret Lace Tape in the shop. The Wedding Board in the last photo was showcasing the larger version, which is 70mm-wide.

This lace tape is different from your normal impression of washi tape. They are not made of washi paper, instead, they are made of more durable and shiny PP. That guarantees its waterproof without sacrificing its details. Perfect for cardmaking and holiday gift wrapping, also great for wedding decoration.

We proudly present the Japanese brand Pavilio's products in our store. We love Pavilio's Lace Tapes because they are full of artsy spirits and creative designs with the Japanese craftsmanship. All of their products are small-batched and designed in-house in Japan.

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