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King Jim

KITTA Portable Clear Washi Tape, Lace

KITTA Portable Clear Washi Tape, Lace

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New from KITTA Clear Made of PET film, the KITTA clear line can add more colors and more possibilities to your journal and cardmaking!

Different from normal Kitta's rectangle shape, these new clear tapes features irregular shapes.

We love KITTA Portable Washi Tape Stickers! Unlike the traditional washi tape rolls, KITTA washi tape comes in packet, precut and portable. They can be folded and put into your favorite planner. Never worry about taking scissors or too many washi tape rolls on the go!

Quantity: 1 Packet, Each Packet include 3 designs * 7 tapes each

Tape Size: 15mm*50mm
Packet Size: 3.5"*2.1"

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