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Fairy Ball

Fairy Ball Floral Roll 2 Matte PET Tape, 50mm

Fairy Ball Floral Roll 2 Matte PET Tape, 50mm

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Quantity: 1 Roll 
Size: 50mm X 10m 
1 Loop (A complete pattern cycle): 220cm, see the pattern photos to see the full pattern of its cycle.

Fairy Ball (仙女丸) is here!! So excited to bring in another talented Taiwanese illustrator here at Pinky Elephant! Specialize in dreamy floral and bubble patterns, her style is so uniquely pretty. 

This Floral Roll 2 花之卷2 is one of her most popular washi tapes. Detailed and delicate floral petals in various shapes and different colors on Matte PET material. The special printing technology makes the petals so vivid and delicate!

*Please be advised that this Matte PET tape uses a special printing technology for precise printing. If use sharp objects or nails to scratch the blank part, it will have some traces/marks. It doesn't affect normal use, but if you mind, please think twice before placing an order.

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