product photo of the BGM sakura gold foil die cut stickers
detailed view of the BGM japanese cherry blossom die cut stickers, showing 15 various designs of the stickers
showing the bgm gold foil die cut sticker series, from left to right, sakura, strawberry, wreath

BGM Japanese Cherry Blossom GOLD FOIL Stickers, 45 pcs/packet

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Quantity: 15 designs * 3 pcs each =45 pcs/packet

Every year, BGM has a special collection of Sakura Washi Tape, celebrating spring and happiness in its original pink and gold foil design.

Besides Washi Tape, the sakura collection also offers die-cut stickers in various shapes of sakura, from little buds to full bloom, illustrating vividly the life of the Japanese national flower. With gold foil, these flake seals are perfect for scrapping book, decorating planner, and making cards.

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