A packaged look of the BGM acrylic clear stamping block
measurement of a large bgm stamping block, 80mm * 80mm*8mm
A packaged look of the smaller size of BGM acrylic clear stamping block
measurement of a small bgm stamping block, 50mm * 50mm*8mm
Showing a visual instruction how to attach bgm acrylic stamps on the stamping block
Showing instruction of inking the block and the stamps from a black inkpad
different types of bgm acrylic stamps series, in a wooden background
Showing a top view of the two sizes of the stamping blocks, with their measurements

BGM Acrylic Stamping Block for Clear Stamps, two sizes, S/L

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Quantity: 1 clear block

Size: Small (blue) ---50mm *50mm

Large (Orange) --80mm*80mm

**Please see the photos and read the description carefully before make a purchase. ** BGM Acrylic Stamping block is the perfect tool for clear stamps. Clear stamps are genius inventions for adding some aesthetic tunes to your bullet journals, planner and personal diary. To use these stamps, simply attach them onto the acrylic stamping block, and press them into the ink pad, then STAMP!


Let your creativity shine!

**Clear Stamps are not included in this listing. They are sold separately as following in our shop. 

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